Health And Safety Rules And Procedures At Work

Health and safety at work is a very important aspect of businesses that need to be given top priority. Especially if the work the employees are exposed to are hazardous and can even cause death. There are many consequences of businesses having to face unfavourable situations due to employees meeting with accidents. There are different kinds of hazards that the employees may be exposed to. For instance, chemical hazards, physical hazards and environmental hazards.

So what should you know about health and safety?


As a business you are legally responsible for the health and safety of your employees in your organization. It is of utmost importance that the employees be given the proper safety briefings and any PPE (Protective Equipment) that they will require to perform their duties properly. You can be legally sued if you don’t follow the rules and regulations set by the legal bodies. And the governing bodies will also come for regular checkups to see if your business is following all the rules set by them.


If you decide to buy low quality boots, looking at the saving of a few hundred dollars you may end up losing thousands. As if an employee meets with an accident due to negligence on your part even the insurance company may not pay for it. You may have to bear up the entire expense and even pay a huge amount as compensation to the employee. Other employees will also be afraid to continue to do work as usual and thus they may end up producing a low output thereby reducing any economies of scale if there was any! You may soon have to visit the company incorporation services Singapore department for the closure of your business!


You have to make sure that from every little rule to the biggest rules in concern for health and safety s being implemented, properly. Keep in mind that it is very important that all the rules are practiced properly. There are instances, when you may be unaware of the employee who may not be deliberately following the health and safety rule because he found out “an easier” way to complete the task. If when the authorities come for inspection see such mal practices you will be fined. Just as there are many procedures that need to be followed when opening a corporate bank account, you should also follow the procedures in your business! For further information about opening a corporate bank account please click here.


In conclusion, it can be said that it would be a very foolish decision to not follow the health and safety procedures in place. As it is not only going to cost you a lot in terms of money, your brand image and reputation also depends on how you treat your employees. Especially in the recent times, when people are more concerned about where and how their clothes were manufactured rather than the design or the price tag.

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