Tips To Protect Your Computer

Today our lives have become more complicated in comparison to the time of our grandparents. Most of the relationships we build up are heavily dependent on social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. Very rarely we interact with people physically. As a result, we have come to a point where we expose a lot of personal information to the internet. We share our photos, video clips on different websites to communicate with people. 

On the other hand, now we do not store our personal stuff in our devices like the smartphone, laptop, tab or whatever. Instead we use online storage such as iCloud, google drive. In terms of the technological developments, it is the best way to store as you can easily recover anything in case of a loss of data. But, did you take a minute think of your privacy? If not, you must get it serious. 

However, it is always advised to be keen on your privacy. Any man or a woman should have his/her privacy to a certain extent. Even a married couple. The next part of this write-up will elaborate few tips that you can take into account in order to protect your computer, laptop from hackers and other unauthorized parties.  

Anti-virus software 

This is a software that you need to install in your PC. It will help you to safeguard the computer from any threat to the system. Those threats could be in the form of key loggers, Trojans, viruses etc., which may slow down the machine and sometimes making it a complete stand still. After that you will not be able to continue any work. For instance, if you are running a internet security solution, which combines storage, networking, computing together, the use of an anti virus programme is critical. 

Packer filtering 

Another word for this would be firewall. Generally, firewalls are used by companies. It is not common among the domestic users of computers. Nevertheless, an enterprise cloud computing basically plays the role of a security guard. There are two types of this namely, software firewalls and hardware firewalls. It works as a barrier between the computer and other unauthorized programmes which are trying to enter the network system through internet. The biggest advantage is; it notifies you when someone is attempting to break into your system. 

Use complex passwords 

Another way that a hacker can attack your computer is, breaking the passwords. If you have put a very simple one like 12345, it will be easy for him to hack. Therefore, make sure that you use different characters in your password which is tough to exploit. Get these things right if you want to protect your PC!

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